Balsamic Cream | Balsamic Cream with Strawberries

Balsamic Cream with Strawberries
plastic bottle
Pieces/Box 12
PRICE: 17.71 lei
Weight: 250ml.

Distinctive sweet sour flavors, creamy texture and wonderful aromas are the basic characteristics of the Kalamata Balsamic Cream range. Try it on salads and other savory dishes, on desserts, or simply use as a flavorful decorative element when plating any dish. You will be pleasantly surprised by its addition to grilled meat, poultry, yellow cheeses, or even ice cream. A perfect choice, with only 13 calories per tablespoonful and zero fat content. Κalamata Balsamic Cream Strawberry is based on the classic Balsamic Cream with a wonderful strawberry flavor.

Made in: Greece

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