Salt | Drop of salt - liquid salt

Drop of salt - liquid salt
200 ml.
plastic bottle
Pieces/Box 24
PRICE: 12.31 lei
Weight: 200 ml.

An innovator product for a healthy and balanced diet - first liquid sea salt accessible on the Romanian market, with a low content of sodium. It is the ideal ingredient with what you can pass to a salt restriction diet without giving up on the preferred taste! The ideal salt for healthy foods, for the persons with heart diseases or on losing weight diets. We highlight the fact that the ''Drop of Salt'' liquid salt has all the minerals necesary for the human organism to function in best conditions, such as: boron, barium, silicon, fluorine, lithium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, copper. The liquid sea salt - Drop of Salt has only 9.8% sodium, which means less than 25% sodium chloride that has the normal salt. The analysis made and certificated show that ''Drop of Salt'' liquid sea salt has a slightly alkaline pH (7,3 > pH < 8). This means that this salt can be used also by the persons with gastrointestinal disorders. The minimum quantity of potassium chloride do not imply any contraindications for the persons with kidney disorders.

Made in: Italy

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