| Mediteranean mustard with tomatoes, olive paste and basil

Mediteranean mustard with tomatoes, olive paste and basil
Pieces/Box 6
PRICE: 11.16 lei
Weight: 200gr.

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With our Mediterranean origins in mind, we raised the classic mustard recipe to a new level in a unique new mustard with Mediterranean ingredients, creating a real innovation of exceptional quality.We replaced ordinary vinegar with Kalamata Balsamic Vinegar and sugar with honey. We added extra virgin olive oil and herbs, achieving a richer, more flavorful taste based on the traditional ingredients of Greek Mediterranean cuisine.

Mediterranean Mustard Tomato, Olive Paste & Basil
Mild Mediterranean mustard which combines favorite flavors including the No 1 Papadimitriou Kalamata Balsamic Vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, honey, tomato, olive paste and basil.Ideal with chicken, burgers and in vinaigrettes.

Made in: Greece

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